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Groundwater Flow Models

Groundwater Model kit

What is ground water?

What is the orgin of ground water? Where does it go?
How is water stored underground?
Why does ground water flow?
How does ground water become contaminated?

Ground water concepts are easily demonstrated with the Ground Water Flow Model, a popular teaching tool for both young people and adult audiences. As water and contaminants are introduced into the model's system, observers can watch as it flows through the simulated underground rock formations. Students have fun learning about porosity, permeability, water tables, confined aquifers, and contamination.

Click here for more information on Groundwater Flow Models offered by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


The University of Nebraska's Groundwater Flow Model is shipped in its carrying case, completely packed and ready to operate with the necessary accessories, including a hand-operated vacuum pump, flask to receive "pumped" water, water supply bottle, syringes for injecting "pollutants," and an operator's manual.


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